1170 Productions Presents  a film by Stefan Avalos

Daniel Houck, Razvan Stoica
David Campbell, Mary Houck, Rodger Stearns, Alfredo Primavera
Original Music by Razvan Stoica
Produced by Stefan Avalos
Co-Produced by Suzan Ortmeier
Directed, Shot and Edited by Stefan Avalos

The Violin Maker

In his own words, 32-year-old Danny Houck is “a nobody.” He’s an eccentric recluse living in a ramshackle farmhouse in the backwater town of Laurelville, Ohio. He has no job, no money, and no prospects. But he does have an obsession: violins. Specifically, he’s obsessed with the two most acclaimed violin-makers in history: Stradivari, and Guarneri del Gesu. Danny’s enthusiasm is absolute, but his talent is not. He’s never had any training in violin-making, so his “technique” is one part pictures on the internet, one part trial and error, and one part mania.

The Violinist

Razvan Stoica is one of the greatest violinists of the present. Already widely known in Europe, he is considered by many to be the next big “super-star” violinist.

Very active in social-media, Danny found Razvan on Facebook and it is there that he convinced Razvan that he could make a perfect copy of the ‘Il Cannone’, one of the most famous and valuable violins in the world.

The Mother

Mary Houck is Danny’s mother

The Cousin

David Campbell is Danny’s cousin and best friend.

The Violin Mentor

Rodger Stearns is a fine violin maker and restorer. He is also an extremely kind man and gives Danny time and advice on his violin-making endeavors.

He is the closest thing that Danny has to a mentor.

The Film Maker

Stefan Avalos is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Having started his life as a classically trained violinist and knowing the obsessions that are part of the violin-world, he became intrigued with the story of Daniel Houck, while working on a broader documentary about New vs old violins. While this movie is still in process, “Strad Style” emerged as a story that became HIS obsession.